Amaranth Organic Seedlings


Amaranth grown in your own organic garden is a fresh, manganese-packed ingredient for your favorite recipes. Amanranth leaves are often used in Asian cuisine and the seeds are a great gluten-free alternative to breadcrumbs or other grains.

You’ll receive your Amaranth seedlings packaged ready to plant in your organic garden. These annual plants thrive in summer gardens and will provide you lots of manganese rich leaves for your favorite recipes.

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Amaranth is used in many International cuisines as an ingredient in dishes ranging from soups to salads to curries. The manganese rich seeds can be ground for flour or used as you would quinoa. Learn more about the health benefits of amaranth.

Bonus – Click on the recipe links below for idea on cooking with amaranth!

Crispy Amaranth Leaves Balls

Amaranth Leaves in Coconut Milk



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