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Cheese – The Crack of the Dairy World

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The topic of cheese being “dairy crack” has peaked my interest as this entire subject is a new one for me. One of my patients shared with the PA and me how fond of cheese she is and what life without it was like. She had been off it at her doctors’ instruction due to...

The Story Behind the Flu Vaccine

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A good number of you have been unclear about the necessity to take the flu shot. The outcome of taking the shots for the 2014-2015 season was alarmingly surprising. It was dubbed a major “flop” because its effectiveness rate was a mere 18%. Despite that, Director of...

A Twist on the EAPDP


The EAP was designed to help students avoid college debt. However, the program can be a model for helping parents, or any adult, a method for building their income AND helping college students build a solid financial future. Collaborating to employ college bound...

Is Polypharmacy in Seniors America’s Other Drug Problem?

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Some of you will shout “It’s about time that we address the subject of the many medications the elderly population takes.” This is primarily because you realize that the medications are not being monitored adequately and in the brief time your family member is seen,...

Could Placebo Replacements Be As Effective As Antidepressants?

Recently, a small set of my patients have become discontent with the treatment of their long-standing depression. Their accounts have ranged from previously being on nearly every antidepressant and “hitting a wall “on each, and losing hope, to experiencing...

Cheese – The Crack of the Dairy World

The topic of cheese being “dairy crack” has peaked my interest as this entire subject is a new one for me. One of my patients shared with the PA and me how fond of cheese she is and what life without it was like. She had been off it at her doctors’ instruction due to...

The Story Behind the Flu Vaccine

A good number of you have been unclear about the necessity to take the flu shot. The outcome of taking the shots for the 2014-2015 season was alarmingly surprising. It was dubbed a major “flop” because its effectiveness rate was a mere 18%. Despite that, Director of...

Opioid Addiction and Pain Solutions

Like many, the Opioid crisis has struck so close to home for me and left me feeling confused and helpless. I have been touched by others who have lost a relative or friend, or who have died in conjunction with their own personal use of the drugs. I see the individual...

A Twist on the EAPDP

The EAP was designed to help students avoid college debt. However, the program can be a model for helping parents, or any adult, a method for building their income AND helping college students build a solid financial future. Collaborating to employ college bound...

Zennoa Core Care

One of the great errors of the last century was the demonizing of healthy fats and Omega fatty acids. These substances are vital for maintaining and strengthening cells. Today, as a result of misinformation, very few people get enough of these substances in their...

Students – Avoid the trap of crushing loan debt

Students can earn super well while studying It’s that time again. Hopes are high that your opportunity to go to the college of your choice or dreams. You find out that the best schools for your declared career are costing more than the family budgeted for. In fact,...

5 Common Reasons for Memory Loss

Over the past year the number of persons suffering from memory loss has increased. While, no statistics have been located to the question as to whether this represents a trend, it’s quite disturbing. The average person fears a diagnosis Alzheimer’s disease, and...

Saving graces – Super foods!

Scientists and health professionals are seeing a trend in the increase of disease and poor health in the U.S. Despite all our knowledge about health and nutrition, disease and disorder are affecting more and more people. You may have even thought, “What’s going on?...

What does too much sugar do to the body?

We all love the taste of something sweet. Scientists have theorized for some time that humans are instinctively drawn to sugar as it is critical to our survival. Our metabolic energy cycle relies on it in order to function! While sugar is essential to the inner...

Are You Forgetting… Your Memory?

We all forget. As we get older most of the fleeting memory problems we experience are simply normal changes in the structure and function of the brain. These changes slow certain cognitive processes making it harder to learn new things or juggle multiple tasks. Do...

Benzodiazepines: Good or Bad Medicine?

The mere thought of getting into a car sends Liz Stewart, a 28 year old nurse practitioner living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, into a tail spin of fear and agitation. She had survived 2 near fatal car accidents while in high school.  Since then, she’s struggled with...

Bullying is Worse for a Child’s Mental Health than Abuse

Studies are showing being bullied by peers in childhood has generally worse long-term adverse effects on young adults’ mental health. These findings have important implications for public health planning and service development for dealing with peer bullying.

Does 5-HTP Help Migraine, Fibromyalgia Anxiety, And Depression?

I’ve had a number of patients come to me recently looking for new options for the treatment of some rather common conditions. Some individuals are already following a dietary plan that includes supplements for health maintenance, but are particularly interested in...

Can coconut oil treat Alzheimer’s Disease?

Did you know that more than 1/3 of those living in assisted living facilities are Alzheimers’ patients? Almost 50% of those in hospice care are dying of Alzheimers’. These are scary statistics.

While there are medicines being used to fight Alzheimers’, there is growing evidence of natural weapons. Dr. Mary Newport has shared how adding coconut oil to her husband’s diet changed his life.

Have we lost the art of conversation?

Technology makes communicating easier than ever. We can text from anywhere and read our email on the go. However, there is a dark side to all of our digital communication – our kids are starting to lose their ability to communicate face-to-face.

Surprising Health Benefits of Water

There are good reasons why psychiatrists are concerned that people know, understand and incorporate these important facts into daily living!  Did You Know? *The body is composed of between 60 and 80 percent water, depending on body size. *Adequate and regular water...

Do You Need Vitamin Supplements to be Healthy?

Our patients are very committed to taking excellent care of themselves and in that regard; I get asked a lot of questions about the best way to stay healthy. Recently, with the realization that our food supply is coming up short for the nutritional content,...

Are These 7 Alternatives to Antidepressants Right for You?

Antidepressant medications are the answer to relieving depression for many sufferers. These medications can be effective and provide needed relief but not everyone is comfortable with a pharmaceutical approach to battling their depression. Fortunately, there are alternatives to medication that can be as effective.

The GMO /GE Controversy

GOD IS A KEEPER! I’m totally amazed at how God must have known that Monsanto was going to make such a huge mistake. By now, you must have heard glyphosate, the chemical used in Monsanto’s most widely used weed-killing product, Round-up, actually removed...

Welcome to our Holistic Health Shop

Prescriptions for Enlightening Paths has long been providing our patients information about holistic therapies and the benefits of natural supplements. However, there are so many products in the market all making claims to be the best. We know it’s difficult to...

Purslane: Omega-3 Super food

We all know that Omega-3’s are a crucial part of a healthy diet. The protection this fatty acid provides for our brain is  a key to treating so many symptoms related to cognitive disorders. Many of you are likely looking for a source of Omega-3 that isn’t...

Jump-start your organic garden to avoid glyphosate

Organic gardening is a hot topic and will be for years to come. The reason is that more and more impurities are being introduced into our food supply. Many of the products used to grow and preserve our foods are, in fact, quite dangerous to our health. You may recall...

Being liked can be more stressful than you think

Do you want everybody to like you? The great Albert Ellis said that one of the best ways to create misery is to work from the mindset that all people must like you at all times. I must say, I agree with him. Many of the people with whom I counsel regarding issues...

The link between glyphosate and autism

Prediction: By 2025 the rate of autism could increase to 1 in 2 births. The possible culprit: Glyphosate (RoundUp) Herbicide According to MIT lead researcher Dr. Stephanie Seneff, there are key biological problems associated with autism that can be linked with...

Breaking the ADHD stereotype

Recently, we have been spotlighting Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in adults. We learned how undiagnosed ADHD can negatively affect an adult’s ability to find success in some aspects of their life. We also now understand how identifying and coping with adult...

There is hope for men with ADHD

Attention Deficit HyperActivity Disorder is usually thought of as a childhood condition. However, doctors are discovering that’s not the case. This means many men, and women, carry ADHD along into adulthood but without carrying on their treatment. Consider the...

Could stress be the reason you're sick?

Do you know someone who complains a lot about stomach troubles? Maybe you or a friend can never get a good night’s sleep. Do you often hear that someone is ‘just so tired’ and have noticed they visibly have low energy? Have you ever wonder if these symptoms could be...

Are women suffering in silence from ADHD?

Attention Deficit HyperActivity Disorder affects more males than females. However, it is more common for females to go undiagnosed. This can mean unnecessary suffering for girls and women. Take a minute to consider these statements: A middle school girl has trouble...

Better Wisdom – Social Anxiety

Ask yourself these questions: Do you shy away from meeting new people? Do you try to avoid entering a room where there are other people because you feel like they are staring at you? Do you try to be invisible in social situations? Have you made the excuse that...

Magnesium deficiency – the invisible missing link

Magnesium’s roles include an extensive list of functions. This reliance on magnesium and our lack of this essential metal can explain why some people suffer fatigue, depression, and anxiety.

Let’s shed pounds – fast

A main reason so many of us struggle with our weight (aside from eating processed foods that have been grossly altered from their natural state) is we’re in continuous feast mode a. We rarely ever go without a meal.

An article published recently in Cell Metabolism explained this pattern keeps the body relying on glucose for energy. In contrast, restricting the amount of time we feast puts the body into fat burn mode.

A word about our Newsletter from Dr. Andrews

You may recall from previous mention, our Newsletter was developed to support your living a life without major health compromises. I see the common variety psychiatric and behavioral health conditions: autism, depression, anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, bipolar disorder and...

Conquer Your Weight Loss Goals

Do you plan to shed those unwanted pounds? One of the most common myths about weight loss is that you can lose weight by just restricting your calories and increasing your exercise.

Make Your New Year Resolution a Success

Many of us make New Year Resolutions. While some of us stick to it the first few weeks or even the first few months, I think sometimes, many of us aren’t able to stay committed and achieve our goals.
One possible reason is we are so ‘gung ho’ that we try to achieve more goals than we can keep up with at once. Having too many resolutions at a time makes it difficult to manage them effectively.

12 Tips for a Happy Holiday

Many of  us become overly stressed during the holiday season. There is just SO much to do! Here are 12 quick tips to help keep you merry and bright this holiday. 1. Stay positive – try not to sweat the small stuff. 2. Make family celebrations peaceful; plan a...

A little dirt never hurts!

Could gardening relieve your depression? Would you be surprised to learn the answer is yes? We’ve talked before about those happy chemicals produced in our gut by the microbes we ingest as probiotics. We know they play an important role in keeping our gut healthy and...

Healing hands for your mood

Did you know that getting your hands dirty maybe the key to health; especially mental health? A discovery that illustrates a relationship between working with your hands and your mood has been made by a psychiatrist and a hand surgeon; Drs. Carry and Alton Barron....

Outsmarting the Flu

It’s time to address the topic that has so many parents are concerned about this season…  THE FLU  Should you and your child get the flu vaccine? What are the risks? Do the benefits outweigh the cons? I receive so many calls from parents about whether...

Drink up and live large

COULD YOU BE CHRONICALLY DEHYDRATED AND DRYING UP YOUR LIFE? Think about a grape versus a raisin. The one is plump and full and juicy containing all its natural water. The other is small, dry, shriveled, its water gone. Although a dehydrated grape (raisin) is good and...

Your memory is in danger. Do you know how to save it?

Is a fading memory just part of growing older?

Have you ever gotten into a room and not been able to remember why you were there? Maybe you were sure you put your keys right there only to find them somewhere else. Perhaps you’ve told yourself that forgetting simple things is just normal for a busy person.

If you have, you aren’t alone!

Clean up your sleep routine

Everyone likes a restful night’s sleep. For those of us suffering with insomnia getting the kind of restorative sleep needed to maintain good health is a challenge. Overcoming insomnia takes dedication to making changes in how we approach getting to sleep. We have to make sleep a priority, starting by establishing good habits for sleep hygiene.

Preparing yourself for the flu season naturally

Hello there. It’s once again the time of year when we all want to know how to remain healthy in the season of the various respiratory and other illnesses. Each new flu season there are conflicting news reports about the best way to prevent and treat the flu. It’s not...

What's not in your produce?

We all know we need to get our 8 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Many of us dutifully eat our greens and apples. Those of us who don’t, well I suppose we could have a glass of that famous drinkable substitute. As I doctor, you can probably guess...

Outshine the winter blues

Some of us are affected by this reduction in daylight and slip into a down mood which is referred to as SAD; Seasonal Affective Disorder. This is a form of depression that occurs as a result of reduced exposure to sunlight in the fall, winter and spring.

One way to treat SAD is by exposure to artificial light.

Dreaming of good sleep

Insomnia is difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep for long enough to feel refreshed the next morning, even though you’ve had enough opportunity to sleep.

Stress Management 101 Lesson #2

We all know how much our mindset affects our state of health. When we constantly think negative thoughts our life energy sinks along with our mood. We literally drag ourselves down with worry and negative thinking.

However, when we think about loved ones, our mood suddenly brightens. We feel a warm sensation in our heart, although the person might not even be present. We feel positive physical responses to our positive thoughts and associations.

Are their lessons to be learned from Robin Williams' suicide?

As a gifted actor and comedian Robin Williams was able to make us laugh, make us cry, and touch our hearts with the characters he portrayed. In real life, Robin was also a man dealing with depression.

Just days after his death on August 11, I began hearing from individuals and family members of those who have been struggling with anxiety and depression. Many feared that his choice of suicide would give a signal to their loved ones that it was OK to take their own life to end their struggle or pain.

Stress Management 101 Lesson #1

Many of our children are either returning to school or going for the first time.   Going to school can release a lot of fear, trepidation and anxiety. It is a time of huge transitions and many “firsts”. Take for example the student going off to college, or the...

Purslane: Omega-3 SuperWeed

Weeds – those nasty little plants that invade your garden and lawn are not always the pests we think they are. Sometimes they are the hidden gems of the vegetable world.

Go with your gut

Today it’s estimated that 20% of all Americans are taking some type of psychotropic medication. These drugs generate sales of $34 billion dollars a year despite what are known to be spotty results and extensive side effects. Many people are willing to ignore the highly advertised risks for a pill that holds the solution to their problems. Some are willing to combine psychotherapy with the pill to resolve their problems. While still others seek pill-free solutions in line with their healthy options ideals.

Is it really lactose intolerance?

Lactose intolerance is a common concern. It’s become a catch-all term for several types of ‘allergies’ that can be aggravated by dairy products. What may be called lactose intolerance could in fact be a casein lactose intolerance.

Fishy recommendations from the EPA for pregnant women

Recently, I was appalled to read a topic released by the Medscape Informational Services for Physicians declaring pregnant women should eat more fish; at least 8 ounces a week more than they now do for the “sake of smarter children”.

Can we reduce medication side effects with chemistry?

New advancements in medicine is making in possible for doctors to prescribe medicines more suited to our individual body chemistry. Finding a match between a patients specific chemistry and a medication can mean fewer side effects and more effective treatments. This...

Find the bright side of discouragement

It’s midyear, months after our resolutions for the New Year. I’ve talked to some folks who are still trying to bring about lasting life style changes.

They’ve tried hard to stay on their program. For many, they yielded to the lure of the habits they were trying to replace, discouraged because they’d ‘fallen off the wagon’.

Are you stressed about your stress?

Runaway stress overwhelms our mind and body. Being able to manage and relieve stress allows us to stay balanced, focused, and in control regardless of what challenges we face.

Please remember that all of the information provided in the Enlightening Your Path area of our site is here to help you improve your quality of life, but is NOT meant to replace the instructions or advice of your doctor. Never change any medications or make any lifestyle changes without consulting with your physician.

Your doctor is who knows you best!